Oxford Digital Learning Skills webinars

Last year we created and presented the Digital Learning Skills webinars for our client Oxford University Press. We are excited that these webinars are now open to all schools and teachers via the Oxford University Press Resource Hub and via YouTube. We also publish them below.

The Digital Learning Skills webinars provide the teachers with theoretical concepts of digital teaching and learning. With a better understanding of these concepts, the technologies available to support digital teaching will make much more sense. Teachers will be shown how to practically apply these competencies to their teaching practice.

The Flying Cows of Jozi team that created and co-facilitated the webinars includes Mafusi Mpelane, Thami Hemeni, Thokozile Mokwena, Koketso Moropana and Ntombikayise Mhlongo.

Professional Development for Digital Learning

  • Ensure teachers understand and know about the DBE Professional Development Framework for Digital Learning and the Digital Learning Competencies
  • Understanding of the TPACK framework and how it supports curriculum integration of digital tools and resources
  • Being able to plot your position in the Teaching Change Frame and plot the direction of your professional development
  • Understanding how Oxford EduZone supports the development of the digital learning competencies and the application of TPACK

Tips and Tricks for Digital Learning

  • Realising the opportunities of blended learning
  • Understanding the theory of transactional distance
  • Knowing how to manage transactional distance by balancing synchronous and asynchronous activities
  • Understanding the concept of cognitive load
  • Having strategies to prevent cognitive overload
  • Realising how Oxford EduZone supports balancing synchronous & asynchronous activities
  • Preventing cognitive overload

Blooms Digital Taxonomy

  • Recalling Bloom’s Taxonomy and how it changed over the years
  • Realising how Bloom’s Taxonomy turned digital
  • Understanding how to support and challenge your learners’ thinking skills using digital resources
  • Knowing how Oxford EduZone supports Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy in action

Key 21st Century Learning Skills (“the 4Cs”)

  • Being able to describe the key 21st-century learning skills
  • Realising the need for the key 21st-century learning skills in the world of work.
  • Having ideas on how to practice their learners’ key 21st-century learning skills in the (online) classroom
  • Understanding how Oxford EduZone supports putting the key 21st-century learning skills into action

Putting Digital Learning Skills into Practice

  • Recalling the topics of Webinars 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Understanding Oxford EduZone classroom examples
  • Putting the lessons learned into action through individual and group exercises on Oxford EduZone

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