Welcome to Flying Cows of Jozi – Your Ethical Tech Guide to a Brighter Tomorrow

“Let’s move beyond either/or and embrace both, and then some more”

Josine Overdevest, Founder & MD

People, Planet & Digital Technology

At Flying Cows of Jozi, we love people and the planet. And we are excited about the opportunities that digital technologies offer to make life better for both!

Digital solutions have already benefitted 70% of the 169 targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and play a pivotal role in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Applications of AI for Good are gaining momentum.

However, can digital transformation be economically viable when it is not socially and environmentally sustainable?

Some side effects of digital technology harm people and our planet. Think about the ever widening digital divide and resulting global digital skills shortage. Or the infringements of human rights, like privacy and non-discrimination. The rapid growth of digital technologies also comes with an increasing carbon and e-waste footprint.

So what can you do ensure that your digital solutions contribute to a better world? Responsibly and avoiding the negative side effects? Without legal and financial consequences that could damage your brand?

This is where Flying Cows of Jozi, your Ethical Tech Guide comes in!

By using digital ethics as our guiding principle, we help you to navigate the opportunities and complexities of the digital landscape.

Our Services

Are you seeking guidance to travel the accelerated digital development path responsibly and respectfully?

Digital Ethics

Our Digital Ethics services provide advice on deploying technology that respects the values of all stakeholders, from customers to employees and the communities you serve.

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Are you invested in bridging the Digital Divide and growing young people’s 21st century skills for a prosperous digital society?

Digital Education

Our Digital Education services offer in-person and online guidance on designing ethical EdTech solutions and creating partnerships for successful implementation.

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Do you want to ensure your digital solutions contribute to protecting the planet and meet ESG requirements?

Digital Sustainability

Our Digital Sustainability services support you in designing, developing and deploying solutions that are not only cutting-edge but also environmentally conscious.

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Our tailored guidance offers you
  • Competitive advantage through a positive, responsible brand reputation
  • Easy compliance with evolving ESG regulation and AI ethics policies
  • Cost savings by mitigating risks of legal liabilities and operational disruptions
  • Stakeholder trust for long-term sustainability of your organisation

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