Digital Skills Coaches


Flocks of passionate young teachers with digital skills fly to schools all over the country to activate digital resources and guide in-service teachers to confidently use these in their classrooms.

That’s how Flying Cows of Jozi transforms the future of education!

Headed by EdTech veteran and transformation expert Josine Overdevest, Flying Cows of Jozi employs recently graduated teachers who specialise in ICT in Education in addition to their various other majors that include the STEM-subjects, English, isiZulu and Business Studies.

They have both digital and teaching skills allowing them to not only coach in-service teachers on the effective use of digital tools and resources but also support the changing pedagogical role of the 21st century teacher.

We work, learn and grow

Working as Flying Cows, the young teachers bring their academic knowledge of the subjects they study (especially in School ICT Support and STEM education) to the 21st Century Educator Coaching programmes we execute for our clients. This benefits our clients but also the young teachers because they see how what they’ve learned in theory is relevant in education practice.  Reflecting on the experience from working on client projects creates a body of knowledge that is used by the Flying Cows in their Honours’ and Masters’ research work and that we in turn draw on in new projects.