Teaching is a passionate profession

“Teacher!” was my immediate answer when asked at primary school what I wanted to be when I grew up. Life took me on a somewhat different path.

Attending the Flying Cows to the Rescue! online session this week with Maths & Science teachers in Greater Taung in rural North West once again reminded me how dedicated people in the teaching profession are. After a long day teaching in rural schools and all the challenges that come with it they still chose to actively engage in a 17h00 session to learn how to help their learners succeed using the online Siyavula Maths & Science platform.

The Flying Cows of Jozi team presenting also shone with passion for the profession, wonderful to see young people finding their online teaching feet.

It made my heart sing! A true sign that I’ve found my passion in supporting teachers embrace their pivotal role in digital education.

These #FlyingCowstotheRescue projects are possible thanks to generous donations. For every €25 (or R400) we can invite another dedicated teacher to join our 3 months online support programme.

Go to https://gogetfunding.com/flyingcows/ and join in!

– Josine Overdevest

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