Guardian angels

This springlike Friday afternoon taught me two important lessons:

First, when my petrol gauge flashes orange, it is definitely time to fill up. This would have prevented my car coming to a standstill just over the Nelson Mandela Bridge on my way into town. Not a good spot to be left stranded.

Second, trust there are always good people around. Although I’m a bit wary of JMPD officers since the occasional harassment of my homeless neighbours, it was one of their teams that came to the rescue.

They helped me to secure my car and gave me a lift to the nearby Total petrol station. The initial plan was for me to sort myself out from there, but somehow they decided to see this through and they arranged the petrol and took me back to the car. After putting the petrol in, they then followed me back to the Total garage to make sure I would fill up.

I wanted to show my gratitude by buying them some cool drinks, but they cheerfully went on their way just accepting my “ngiyabonga kakhulu” (thank you very much). Leaving me to share this story and my gratitude far and wide.

And maybe that is the third lesson.

Josine Overdevest – 14 August 2015

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