Listen how Josine Overdevest together with various experts guides the audience through the exciting topics of digital education, digital sustainability and the role that digital ethics has to play. Would you like Josine as speaker at your (online) conference? Please click here for more information.

In November 2023 Josine had a wonderful and engaging chat across many dimensions with Stephen Ibaraki, Chairman and Managing General Partner REDDS Capital and Founder UN ITU AI for Good.
Africa stands on the brink of a transformative AI revolution. Dr Fredah Banda and Josine explore how responsible AI can drive economic progress and human development on the continent.
Blockchain expert John Singh and Josine unpack the environmental impact of blockchain and what measures we can take to ‘green’ blockchain so it truly contributes to a sustainable future.
For the August 2023 Ubuntu.Lab Institute Masterclass Dr Fredah Banda, Siddhartha Parmar and Josine share inspiring examples, highlight success stories and encourage participation in shaping the future of AI in Africa.
Thokozile Mokwena and Josine discuss with Hans van der Veen from Karoo Connect which general IT skills learners need to master to be successful in the 21st century and what it means when someone has “digital skills” and
what good use of digital technology looks like.
Mobile industry veteran Ineke Botter shares with Josine how digitization of critical business processes assists in motivating ethical behaviour in companies. She also highlights the strategic importance of building close relationships with the education sector in the search for scarce ICT skills.
Josine states that what constitutes ethical behaviour is not always clear-cut to IT professionals, making solid guides and codes of conduct necessary for the sector.
Arthur Gwagwa and Josine explore how the global AI ethics community can include views from Sub-Saharan Africa as a way to improve the terms on which African populations, subpopulations and their concerns are included in the global AI ethics discourses.
The design, development and implementation of technology can be considered moral activities, so professionals and organisations need support in ensuring that they approach their work ethically and don’t widen the digital divide in the process.