Happy New Year!

‘I think sometimes the best training is to rest’ – Cristiano Ronaldo

Are you like me? Do you also from early December create a list of all the useful things you will do over the long December holidays?

My list included finally dealing with those persisting admin action items, going through all my open browser tabs with interesting articles, writing that long overdue opinion piece, working on the new company website and reading at least six books. I planned to really get on top of it all and start 2023 fully prepared.

And then the holidays began and first I just slept and then I slept some more. I caught up with good friends over lazy lunches and enjoyed relaxed and intimate Christmas celebrations.

The time I spent in an amazing game reserve in the Karoo seemed to slow things down even further. Every day I got up at five in the morning and just sat and watched the bush come alive with the most wonderful sights, sounds and smells. I enjoyed game drives over bumpy mountain roads with the fresh, fragrant wind in my face and bushveld picknicks with fabulous views over land that is occupied only by wildlife. Like the majestic elephants that in the early evening regularly walked closely and quietly past the house where we sat on the stoep, playing 30 Seconds or enjoying easy conversations.

And now I’m back in Joburg with not even half of the items on my December list done and yet I feel so ready for the new year! Rest has served me well and the images lingering in my mind of the awe-inspiring beauty of nature bring me new insights and ideas and will during the year hopefully help me sustain the inner peace I found these past few weeks.

I hope that you are also looking forward to a joyful and engaging 2023 and that when early December comes round again we don’t worry about our lists of useful things to do but just surrender to whatever it is that offers us the rest we need.

Happy New Year!

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