Amazing results in Greater Taung!

When the matric results were published late January we first received the feedback that Physical Science teacher Violet Nira and her all-female Grade 12 class had achieved an amazing result of an 83% pass rate! For Mrs Nira this is a huge increase compared to the 30% of the previous year. These results were celebrated at the North West province matric results ceremony where Mrs Nira received a trophy and a certificate and the impact of the Flying Cows of Jozi intervention was recognised.

Just this week we received the full results in the other schools in the Greater Taung subdistrict and they are exceptional! Subdistrict Greater Taung went from Position 10 to Position 5 in the province for Physical Science with an overall pass rate increase from 69.3 % in 2020 to 80% in 2021. The mathematics pass rate in the subdistrict went up from 54% to 69% with some of the schools seeing an increase of over 30%.

Even before these results came out Siyavula noticed the increase in usage of their platform by the Greater Taung learners and teachers and commissioned us to roll out our Flying Cows of Jozi educator coaching approach to Maths & Science teachers in 650 schools in the Gauteng province from the start of Term 2.
The Subject Advisors in Greater Taung agree that our support to help teachers embrace the Siyavula technology has been instrumental in the increase in pass rates and they desperately want us to continue the work. Together with Siyavula we’ll approach the North West province education department to get funding from them to roll out the project to many more districts.

This might take some time to take effect and in the meantime we would like to keep up the support for the Greater Taung schools that was made possible by generous donations from our supporters for which we are imensely grateful Isn’t it both amazing and on the other hand heartbreaking that a relative small intervention that puts people in technology first has such a huge impact for hundreds of learners who now pass instead of fail?

Once again we call on you to contribute to our Send Flying Cows To The Rescue! campaign so we can continue the important work in Greater Taung and keep the promise of a meaningful future for these rural learners alive. Please donate and share with your network:

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