May we all wear our skirts often!

Inner city fabric

Dutch writer Martin Bril famously called it ‘Rokjesdag’ (Skirts Day) that day in early spring when after a long dark winter all women seem to have ditched their winter clothing in favour of skirts and dresses in all shapes and sizes.

‘Rokjesdag’ reminds me of my student days in Leiden when one sunny spring day I walked with some friends past the impressive Pieterskerk and a guy from a nearby window called out: “where have you girls been all winter?!”

His obvious elation at the arrival of spring, heralded by girls wearing skirts, came back to me today when I spent a few hours sitting outside at City Perk Café in town.

For the first time since the March 2020 lockdown Main Street felt vibrant again. As if everyone had decided to leave COVIID and the rainy summer behind and dressed in their finest clothes to parade through town with a purpose.

Observing the colourful passers-by I realised how quiet town has been these past two years and how much I’ve missed the urban hustle and bustle. “Where have you people been all this time?!” I wanted to call out.

‘Rokjesdag’ is that joyful feeling when everything suddenly feels brighter and lighter again. May we all wear our skirts often this year! 

Josine Overdevest, 26 January 2022

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