Love in Wine

Battling my way home through Friday afternoon traffic, I decide it makes much more sense to break away and stop for a glass of wine in one of my regular haunts.

Once I’ve made up my mind where to go, I start imagining that first sip of the lovely glass of red wine I’m going to have. Red, red wine to go with the wintry nip in the evening air.

The waiter welcomes me like a long lost friend and before I can open my mouth to ask for the glass of red wine that I can already taste, he proudly presents me with a glass of my favourite blush summer wine.

For a moment I consider asking him to exchange it for a glass of red and then I realise that his considerate gesture warms me more then any amount of red wine ever could and I savour the unexpected treat.

– Josine Overdevest, 15 May 2015

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